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Enhance your gift-giving with our elegant gift certificates featuring stunning iris photography. A truly memorable and cherished present for any occasion. Eye photo is a unique and beautiful gift.

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Our Process



In a brief 3-5 minute session, we skillfully capture the unique allure of your eyes. Our approach involves taking a series of photos with different focus points and lighting settings, guaranteeing a personalized and striking outcome.



After the photo session, we meticulously blend your individual photos to create a beautiful representation of your eyes. You'll receive your unique and stunning digital photo via email within 2-3 days.



We transform your new art into prints, offering various sizes and using high-quality materials.



After creating and printing your art piece, we conveniently ship it to your door. Delivery typically takes approximately 7-14 days.

Customer Reviews

Our family recently had the pleasure of capturing our eyes at the Cosmic Eye studio, and it was truly a delightful and one-of-a-kind experience. The entire process was not only fun but also incredibly unique. We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of our pictures, and we genuinely adore them. A heartfelt thank you to the Cosmic Eye Team for providing us with such high-quality and unforgettable memories. Grateful for the joy you've brought to our family!
Incredible time! The team was outstanding! My daughter surprised me with a Cosmic Eye for my birthday, and we're thrilled with how it turned out. We'll certainly be buying more products from them! Cosmic Eye makes exceptional gifts.
Wow what an experience! My friend gave me gift certificate for Cosmic Eye and I never hear about it before. I came to studio and all the guys were super nice and welcoming. I hang my picture on a wall, since then everyone is asking me about it and where I got it from. I would def suggest to get this for yourself or anyone you love as a gift. Thank you Cosmic Eye team.
Came with my girlfriend, we wanted something unusual and personal for our home interior. This was by far the best experience and product I could ever wish for. Thank you Cosmic eye!
Can't begin to say how much I love the pictures! Added bonus of a confidence boost. That's your eye. That's your beauty!! They let you see it in a new way. Employees were wonderful to work with, made the process very easy and quick. Highly recommend!!

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About Cosmic EYE USA

Our Cosmic Eye USA Team captures high-resolution images of people's irises to create stunning art. We are the first of our kind in the United States and are best in Eye Photo Art.

The inspiration behind our venture stems from the magnificence of the human eye. Recognizing their uniqueness, we felt compelled to immortalize them. Our mission is to capture high-resolution, exquisite images of our clients' eyes for personal enjoyment, as well as to offer them as meaningful gifts.

Photographing one eye takes just a few minutes. To undergo this process, you need to visit our studios in Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco. We utilize cutting-edge photography equipment to capture the intricate details of irises. We can produce a variety of items using your captivating eye picture, such as photo prints, acrylic prints and blocks, necklaces, keychains and more.

In addition to our production studio, the Cosmic Eye Team participates in various events and private parties, including Melrose Trading Post, Rose Bowl Flea Market, and Foodieland. We also accept reservations for private events such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate parties. During different seasons, like summer, our team enjoys setting up pop-up sites in various cities across California.

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