Data Protection

While our photos cannot serve as a substitute for real eyes in iris scanners—given that iris scanners depend on laser-based capture of the eye's structure, an element not reproducible in two-dimensional photos—we prioritize the utmost protection of your data. After your visit, we securely store your edited photo on a secure local hard drive. The primary purpose of this practice is to facilitate any future reorders.
During the processing of orders for products featuring your iris photo and/or files, it may be necessary to disclose your information, including image files, contact details, names, delivery address, etc., to ensure seamless accessibility for our order processing team.
When you purchase a product with your iris photo and/or file, you are granting consent to this process and acknowledging your agreement with our data protection regulations.
Your provided information is stored in a Google Cloud document to facilitate internal order processing. Subsequently, the PNG file (iris photo) is sent to your email address, ensuring continuous access to your pictures. By proceeding with this, you are consenting to these terms and confirming your agreement with our data protection regulations outlined on this page.