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Immortalize the unique depth of your gaze with the best iris artwork in San Francisco. At Cosmic Eye, we combine our exceptional photography skills with cutting-edge technology to craft stunning iris portraits that showcase the true essence of your eyes.

Our modern studio is designed to offer the perfect ambiance for a photo shoot. We capture your iris from different angles in various lights to highlight its unique colors and patterns in a way that reflects your individuality.

Along with standard digital prints, we craft wall art, jewelry pieces, phone cases, and other accessories with iris art. Each of our products is uniquely crafted to your preferences to deliver 100% satisfaction. So, partner with us today and discover the magic behind your eyes!

The Variation Of Iris Art We Offer In San Francisco

At Cosmic Eye, we go beyond just photographing your iris. We view them as canvases holding intriguing stories. Hence, we use photography and editing skills to convey those tales via various methods, art forms, frames, and textures.

From wall art to jewelry and gift certificates, we immortalized your iris art in San Francisco through precious possessions.
So, connect with us if you wish to order iris photography for:

Digital photo

We use the best macro photography tools and advanced software to capture the iris digital photo and highlight intricate lines, hundreds of colors, beautiful shapes in your iris. After enhancing the picture's appearance per your preferences, we will send it to you via email so you can easily print it out or use it as wallpaper or for digital cards.


Iris Art makes excellent centerpieces for various iris jewelry and accessories. At Cosmic Eye, we help you preserve the memories of your loved ones or celebrate a special occasion by transforming iris pictures into dainty, everyday wear jewelry pieces, like necklaces and bracelets. We also craft one-of-a-kind iris keychains with eyeball artwork in San Francisco.

Wall art

Are you looking for an art piece your guests can't stop gushing about? Look no further than our iris photographs. You can find iris acrylic print, iris metal print, paper print, and canvas wrap in a wide range of sizes and textures at our online store. We utilize the best tools to ensure your iris wall art lasts more than a lifetime.

Phone case

If you ever desire to invest in a personalized iris phone case, this is your calling. Cosmic Eye offers protective, robust phone cases for a wide selection of smartphones. Our easy-to-customize phone covers are adorned with stunning iris art and protective materials for excellent durability.

Why Choose Us For Iris Art San Francisco?

Each iris is graced with various colors, textures, and patterns. At Cosmic Eye, we are committed to showcasing the remarkable artistry lying within us. However, our passion is one of many reasons we have many happy clients. Here's what sets our services apart from the rest.


Our team of skilled photographers and editors knows how to attain outstanding results. When working with us, you will receive an impressive collection of iris photography in San Francisco that captures the uniqueness of your iris from different angles to select the best image under any circumstance.

Unique style:

At Cosmic Eye, we don't just take photos. We capture moments and create memories. While our passion and innovation allow us to capture the essence of your eyes, our unique styles set the photos apart from the rest.

Various events:

Our iris photography service caters to individual shoots and covers various events. You can hire our services for private events, including weddings, corporate parties, and birthdays. Also, you can find us setting up pop-up sites across California during various seasons.

Competitive pricing:

We thrive on exceeding the expectations of our clients. As a part of our commitment to deliver you satisfactory services, we maintain a competitive and transparent pricing structure with no room for hidden charges.

Visit Us to Transform Your Eyes into Eyeball Artwork San Francisco

At Cosmic Eye, we don't hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible iris artwork in San Francisco. The art pieces we create are keepsakes that you will treasure forever. Each of our products is carefully crafted to last for years, preserving the beauty of your eyes.

Whether you aim to create an unforgettable art piece or wish to experience the thrill of iris photography, we guarantee the best results.